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A "blue Coo" on a crisp, white lampshade. Handmade with humour on a small Scottish island.

"Blue Coo" Shade and Base Combo.

  • A perfect gift for all craving or indeed living "the good life". This quirky shade has been hand crafted on the small Scottish island of Lismore where our inspiration comes from the critters we see daily on our Hebridean Croft. OK, so the Coos aren't usually blue but standing a top a hill on a full moon there's a certain blueness about them! This shade is made using a combination of photographic transfer, scribbled lines and stitched details and each animal image begins life as a humble pencil drawing. The base fabric is a crisp, white cotton sateen. We can envisage this shade sitting equally well surrounded by old books and weathered velvet in some country pile or adding quirk and humour to a sparcely decorated, modern pad. Shade Shapes and sizes: Drum - Small S(D) (D20cm x H20cm), Medium M(D) (D25cm x H22cm), Large L(D)(D30cm x H24cm), LLarge LL(D)(D40cm x H27cm), XLarge XL(D)(D45 x H29cm) Empire S(E) (Conical) - Small (Top D30cm x Bottom D35cm x H24cm), Large L(E) (Top D35cm x Bottom D40cm x H27cm) Oval - Small S(O) (Length 30cm x Depth 22cm x Height 24cm), Large L(O) Length 40cm x Depth 29.5cm x Height 27cm

    This shade has a white PVC lining as standard, which allows light through the shade. Backlighting can alter the clarity of the design when the light is on (especially with linen). If you would rather the design look the same whether the light is on or off you can request an opaque lining (in a slightly reflective brushed gold clour). Please message me with your order to request this.

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