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Say it with a lampshade!

One , big, light filled thank you!

Well this is the more pared down version but as I mentioned in a previous post I have been focusing intently and probably unwisely (from a brutally financial perspective) on appreciation. Namely, of all the wonderful things people did for our wedding. I didn’t want to send a card. This would somehow fall far short of the  mark which hovers somewhere between pluto and our nearest star. So a light-giving device seemed apt and hey ho…lamp shades emerged.

Steve the butt(ler)

This little number holds in perpetuity the delightful memory of Steve in only a pinnie, socks, shoes and a bow tie as he serves bubbly on my hen night.

and all that post party cleaning

It had to be acknowledged. There was a hell of a lot of it!

Something about Katie and cup cakes go together.

Margo's morning cuppa.

For more lampshade pics go to my Face book page where I’ve uploaded oodles of pics.

By the way…face book has become my new passionette so please bear with me as I mention it endlessly and link to it ruthlessly. You can even become my friend (oooh that sounds a bit unsettling) and see the freshly devised Mogwaii Page…go onnn.

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