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Hello Etsy my old friend…

It has been a while since I fretted on pan Atlantic forums about immoveable displays, deactivated listings or convo’d with customers about this, that or the next crafted ditty. Once again, I have been lured back into the Etsy marketplace. Two reasons: I am determined to up my visibility and consequently sales from comfortably occupied to actually making a LIVING! and secondly,  I have too many eggs in NOTHS basket and we’ve recently seen how fickle and ruthless their curation tools can be.


I have consequently spent the day absorbing screen flicker, shifting from cross-legged to lotus to half-lotus in an attempt to relieve my aching buttocks and trying to clasp my hands behind my back as an antidote to computer hunch.

The problem with Etsy (for me personally), is that most of the market is on the other side of the pond and sending Lampshades and filled cushions there, costs more than I or anyone else cares to contemplate. However, I am offering buyers to opportunity to buy my shades in a flat pack kit form (which will take some assembly), and cushions without fillers. Both will cost less and perhaps there’s a certain charming challenge to part creating your own Mogwaii creation…maybe not! Well – only time will tell.

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