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Oh Sunshine – Welcome welcome welcome in.

Michaelmas daisies yearn for sun.

Full time studio was NOT an option today. The sun made a rare and prolonged appearance today and by god  we need it, every last drop of it. This little island has endured way more than its jobs worth of gloom and gales this year. Time for the clouds to curtsey and depart to make way for the great golden globe and its warmest glow.

So sweet was the sunshine that I ambled a farmyard circuit and snapped the following shots.

Daisies and the church

Roadsides lined with crowds of swaying grasses.

And all the woolly ladies are having haircuts which means providing tea and jammy oat cakes to Archie, Duncan and Ina as they clip, roll and sweat in the barn.

New slimline look accessorised with the latest funky ear wear

Spot saltire sheep at the back.

The evening sun hovers over Morvern as I return

and the laundry comes in before a likely downpour.

More sun tomorrow please weather maestre.

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