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Art appeal

I don't suppose anything is going to appeal equaly to everyone and I suspect, when it comes to art, the Marmite factor compounds. Somehow, I seem to have come to a place of deep acceptance on this.

I don't think I have always been so "Hey ho" about it. I remember viciously defending some piece of art (that I've now forgotten), against the equaly viscious disdain of my art college flatmates. I don't think I knew anything about life's lenses back then and how we all see through our own distinct filter.

Anyhow, today got me thinking about this when Archie, our neighbour, popped into the studio to have me identify a leaf for his wife. (She must have remembered the app on my phone. It was crab apple.)

"What you working on?"

"The Queen" I responded. "or at least, I'm trying to figure out how to express the freedom from all that duty she must have felt in death."

"Uhuh" He says shifting his feet slightly and side eyeing a splat of dayglo colour where her head should be on a big £1 coin.

The thing about being a creative in a farming community is I don't think anyone really expects to GET me. Quite freeing really.

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