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The Queen is free

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

In dying mum left me the greatest gift. She took away my fear of it.

She left gracefuly and was not afraid, in fact she believed death was her transition out of a body no longer serving her to a place that she knew was I suppose. At a certain point in her body's demise she wished it would hurry up and happen sooner rather than later. When it finally did she was calm.

I sit in meditation most mornings and sometimes slip through a gap in my sentient being to a sort of void beyond. There I am nothing and everything. It's perfect . I wonder perhaps whether that's the spirit realm where our frequencies merge in death.

Things die ALL the time on our croft and I see that they have to, to replenish life. There were four chicks following "bolshy" hen two weeks ago. Now there's only two, but I suspect a buzzard will be fuelled up for few days. Our polytunnel was a jungle of growth a few weeks back but now the greens turn brown and die back to feed the soil for next year's life.

Our society has a warped attitude to death to the extent many deprived themselves of a life worth living for fear of dying during Covid.

Anyhow...this is all a ramble toward the fact, that I am presently painting the queen.

She is not long dead, is pretty well known and was possibly the most duty bound being on earth, so I thought she would make a perfect muse for expressing the freedom of death.

Also, she headed up the monetary system which I'd like to suggest has turned many in our society into walking dead.

All juicy subjects for a painting spree.

...and by the way, I don't intend to shimmy over to the next realm any time soon. I'm presently perfectly content dancing in this one.

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