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Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Until such a time as it is bought, this paintings hovers over the hub of our house, the kitchen/diner. I hope it captures something of the energy, introspection and interractions in conversation that colour every mealtime and coffee break around our kitchen table.

We (more or less) finished building this house 4 years ago with the help of nearly 100 international volunteers and continue to welcome their help in the garden, polytunnel and croft beyond. Every weekday those here splay out to their tasks and sweep in for fuel three times a day. We fill our bodies with food, our minds with ideas and new perspectives and our hearts with connection around the table carved from a hefty chunk of local ash.

No topic is out of bounds. In fact, the more controversial the more we lean in... curious for understanding and for a fresh perspective that can fracture the claggy walls of an echo chamber. What a gift to have a flow of travelling bards come offer their thoughts into this mealtime pot of perspectives.

What is the shape of a thundering laugh, or the colour of an eyed pause after a dip into edgy controversy? How scrawled is a line of confusion? All questions considered in a painting that attempts to express a moment of all this.

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