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Lismore Community web site

Last night we had a meeting in the hall to discuss the Lismore community web site.

Up until now Teenie and Pauline have been running it more or less single  handedly and it’s just become too much. As us bloggers know  it is no mean feat to gather and spread news and that’s just for one…how about a community of 176 (or thereabouts).

Anyhow, the meeting was a success with a committee of 10 folk volunteering their abilities in either news and content or technical.I had to smile when all men volunteered for the technical jobs and all women for the news and content.

Some discussion took place as to what changes are needed and what would people like to know about. This is where your comments would be much appreciated. Have a look, give me your thoughts and I’ll pass them on to the webmaster(s) for contemplation. Click on the pic for a link.

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