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Guess the address

David (postmaster) and I have a new game  to quell the tedium of endless parcels. I say something to David in the accent of the parcel destination and he has to guess where it’s bound. Today was Nevada which he struggled with even though I babbled  in my best mid American accent (he was fairly close with Nebraska though), and then Middlesex.  I accepted London given that my cockney is not great at the best of times and with no regional subtlety. I can’t wait for Wales or Uganda but it would be a miracle if he guessed Newcastle.  I , in my very infantile way am enjoying this game immensely but I think David may be bored already!

So yesterday I finaly managed to fully complete the Eco Motives order with two grass lamps.


The lampshade drums have been sitting in a box in the porch for an embarrassing length of time, waiting for a moment of calm in which I can tend to them. It was nice to cover the drums again. I have lately been sending the fabric down to the drum maker  which means they attach the fabric directly on to the drum omitting the need for the rolled edge shown above. I do kind of like the structure of my way though.

I’d like to list these on etsy but the cost of posting lamps to the states would be more than the cost of the lamp itself.  Maybe NOTHS would be a safer bet.

One more thing. Check out this link

My sister was the final performer at the Trad music awards 2008. I was feeling so proud with tears running down my face as I watched. You do have to shift the play browser forward to about 1hour 25 mins if you just want to catch Mairi, however the whole show is fairly entertaining if trad’s your cup of tea.

The skies were incredible yesterday. Look at this

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