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Gaelic song and Sloe Design

As you read this post  perhaps you would immerse yourself in my days accompaniment in the form of the haunting tones of Maeve MacKinnon. Go on – click that link and then carry on reading as it plays.

You see, my experience in the studio is as much affected by what I’m listening to as that which I’m making. The two flavours entwined in a stimulating, creative soup, this one had a Gaelic (n0 not garlic) flavour.

This morning I attended to the head, and quite a large one at that creating a slate coloured beret for a far flung customer:

Cut pieces

Sewing random dots.

while Buzz slept under the table in a stupor of song and furtively scouted dog biscuits from the shed.

The Beret complete,

and its lining of course.

and when its on it looks a lot like this. (modelled by the gorgeous Tamsin).

Here's some pebbles purely to delight the eye, nothing to do with today's enterprise.

I then focused on the “Sloe” commission with a sketch and some fabric samples. More preparation needed to achieve the right look for the customer but I’ll get there.

Sketching some sort of abstraction

and then moving swiftly on to fabric

...and fabric with printed circles.

More exploration needed me thinks. Tomorrow beckons. On no…not for fabric it doesn’t,I’ve got to cement the barn with Yorick and the lads. Something tells me I’ll have to forgo the haunting Gaelic melodies for radio one or even OBAN FM –  Eeeek!

Incidentally, Maeve MacKinnon will be playing a candlelit supper at Lismore Hall on Wednesday 31st August. Why don’t you come and see it, eat some great grub and experience a touch of island revelry.

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