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Face bleedin’ BOOK

I think I’m trying too hard. Which I have a tendency to do at stages in my life. Maybe I just need to go with the flow, pop in and have a chat every now and then amble out again to carry on with important  existence. I just can’t get my head around the various facets of the virtual party…news feeds, walls, my space, your space, page, site, likes, unlike s – STEEP learning curve, but each moment I edge a little closer to savvy. However it does all feel a bit like one of these fad diets which is all-consuming and pumps you full of pride and occupation for a few days but it’s so far removed from normality that it’s unsustainable.

Buzz finds it all very boring! but he's going to get linked back to Facebook whether he likes it or not.

However I did take some photos throughout my designing process which turned out nicely abstract.

These were the silks on "bondaweb" hanging by the window - nice eh!

and silk strips

and the studio, which, far from being abstraction is really pure least the Facebook tab on my browser is.

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