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Bluebell Blind

Phew. I finally start to settle back into some sort of routine after the summer session where I felt a little like a ping pong ball in play – batted to and fro from A to B. In some ways great to camp a bit, festival a bit, explore a bit. However I increasingly started to feel the need to settle  – a lot, and how better to ground myself than with the study of bluebells (harebells if you’re English) for a Roman Blind.

Sketching flowers from various angles for applique

Included with the blind was a complimentary lampshade made from the sample piece used to try out different techniques prior to making.

Tangle of stems and a flower head.

and the blind itself was much appreciated by a delightful client.

Harebell Roman blind set into the dormer window.

Next project…Sloe berry blinds x 2 and a set of curtains. So far so good.

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