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The berries have now been devised and installed on cushions and a table runner. Too late to change my mind now but I don’t want to. I’m liking them!

Firstly I had to die some habotai silk red. Extricated the rusty red die tins from the leaking shed, I mean REALLY leaking because this morning the heavens opened in grandest style and dropped an almighty load on the island. Dieing was fairly straightforward: bowl and a kettle and a scoosh of very posh balsamic vinegar (all I could find) and abracadabra…red silk. is died silk not murder in a steam room. is died silk not murder in a steam room.

I cut out the discs of habotai silk and spent far too long shifting them about the twig design trying to figure out the right positioning. I had originally planned to sew a single circle around the inside of the disk as in the leaf design but this didn’t look good…so machine embroidered spirals were tried and worked. All colourways completed and then an age was spent trying to figure out the best approach to table runners. This designing business does take time, but it’s satisfying.

I think I’m going to approach Ikea. I think they might like my work. I have a hunch one of their designers already takes sneaky peaks at the web site. I like the idea of being able to make a range which could be available to lots of people at a low price, but as a sole maker I just can’t make that happen. I wonder how I should go about approaching them?

Oh…by the way. Yorick is stranded on the mainland…no ferries since 2pm!

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