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Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Lately I have been teaching as well as making, but not textiles… music.  However, I am having to fit an increasing textile workload into a decreasing amount of time since Mondays are spent amongst gaggles of small people channeling their vitality and infinite ideas into song and clappy, slappy rhythm. Yesterday I sat in one of two lines, a giant in Lilliput, rowing an imaginary Viking long ship and chanting our fresh composition, a rousing and at times random rowing song complete with actions and seagull sound scape. Another class devised a song of the ancient Greeks with a grape stamping chorus and verses of wine swilling and Spartan posturing. Today I embroider wrens, sew buttons onto cormorant nests and draw curlews. ‘Tis a bizarre but fine life indeed!


Next time I’m cross I’m going to remember Spartan posturing. The P3’s  instructed me on how it looked and it is quite similar to warrior pose but with fists up. Good intimidating stance for a domestic me thinks.

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