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Retta, Lobelia and Clarris R.I.P.

Gone but not forgotten

Gone but not forgotten

My dear, dear babies. I could hardly bear to listen to the scientist as he talked me through, with far too much relish, the procedures inflicted upon my tweedie beasts. Stop reading now if you are of an at all sensitive disposition!!

Seams pulled with a force of a small rhino via crocodile clips.

Bunson burner held close to all parts for a while.

Immersed in nasty solution to test for heavy metals.

Eyes pulled with crocodile clips with a 9 kilo weight  ( small mini bus or so) for 10 seconds.

And on this last, ultimate abuse my poor tweedies finally gave up their fight to remain intact and popped. Yes they did…the eyes either split or pulled entirely out of their sockets.

So now I have a dilemma. My Tweedies are free from heavy metals, they are flame resistant, they have strong seams (bar the hand sewn bit which is now being machine sewn so that should pass), but their button eyes are a problem.

Do I give up on buttons altogether and machine embroider dots? (I personaly am not keen on this look)

Do I try to convince trading standards that   Tweedies are not toys? I reckon I’d have a battle on my hands and all the testing would be in vain.

Or do I make it so that the Tweedies do have a CE mark but are tagged not suitable for under 36 months due to small parts.

It is the latter with which I am trying to proceed and have sent two button eyed Tweedies to my local trading standards officer for assessment. He seems to think this option may be possible. I sincerely hope so since I have 16 button eyed Tweedies waiting anxiously to present themselves to the shopkeepers of this world at the Scottish international trade fair and they may not win hearts quite as effectively without eyes.

Fingers crossed everyone!

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