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Pop the cork

Jubilation and merriment. My tweedies are now…finally, legal.

The sweet news came in just in time…hours before sending a bunch of tweedies to shops around Scotland where they can now sit happily and confidently in the toy department (assuming there is such an area) with their CE mark proudly emblazoned upon their manila tag.

The quest for CE (I like to pronounce it Que? as in Manuel from faulty towers) was not without it’s headaches. The first hurdle was simply finding a testing body amongst the tangled forest of information on the web. Finally my scientific prince in shining armour was found at Shirley technologies and the rest was  a little more straightforward if not, at times, heartbreaking and certainly button breaking.  As you may have guessed, the button eyes had to go. No amount of back strapping, double sewing, reinforcing could stop my button eyes from pinging when pulled with the weight of small bus. However, a flexible substitute was found  in the form of small fabric daisies.

Go me!

Go me!

Secondly…wayward lavender flowers in the stuffing was a no no…the lavender is now well and truly sealed in a small muslin bag so that, in the event of tweedy destruction the small child can now eat the bag in one whole, angry gulp. (actually it’s a little too big and dry for that). I have this vision of a small mischievous child like Max from ‘Where the wild things are’ tantruming over my tweedies… pulling their legs with all its might, blue in the face with teeth gnashing and head banging all over my Lavinia and after all ire has subsided Lavinia sits up, fluffs her tweedy feathers, crosses her legs, looks rather disapprovingly but intactly at Max and says…

Are you quite finished?

Are you quite finished?

So now my newly indestructible and utterly uncontaminated  tweedies can grace the toy section of Not on the High Street once more. Tomorrows task is to put them  there. Actually no…tomorrows task is giving a lecture on commissions and design for the Oban and Lorn needlework group. Hmmm!

x Sarah

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