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Insert to insane

Today was an admin. day. The first in a very long while and kind of forced upon me by the unfortunate circumstance of being stranded at home without motor or functioning bicycle. To add insult to injury the rain lashed horizontally across the island and one could be forgiven for thinking Lismore was simply a wet dumpling in an Atlantic sized witches cauldron, with all the atmospheric mist to boot!

However, once I had mentally adjusted to the look of this new day I started to kind of look forward to all the bits and pieces of communication and paperwork which would otherwise haunt me somewhere in the back cupboard of my conscience.

First on my list was to tackle the issue of inserts. I have made up a cushion order for a shop in New York. The covers are packed and ready to go and the intention was to source pads in New York and have them sent to the shop. This way I can avoid the horrendous cost of posting bulky items to the states. I breezily hit google with cushion pads new york…nothing! pillow inserts new york…nothing! pillow forms new york…nothing! feather down pillows new york??? nothing!! (at least nothing that comes anywhere near the sizes that I need and the price that I am accustomed to paying here in Britain). I try some more: pillow cushions inserts pads forms down feather USA……

Then I succumb to emailing my client. ” Tony, do you know where I can source some pillow inserts in New York for this order” and explain why. He replies promptly with a rather panicked email asking, what is a pillow insert and will I need to sew anything (needle phobia). WHAT IS GOING ON? Have I got the words wrong (by the way our cushions are referred to as pillows or toss pillows in the US)? Am I insane and I’m not going to write my next thought at the risk of insulting many perfectly intelligent Americans. So I sent Tony three explanatory photos which I will now post for those of you struggling with the concept of what makes a pillow puffy.

Cushion cover and pad (Pillow cover and insert)

Cushion cover and pad (Pillow cover and insert)

Cushion pad going in to cover (pillow insert going in to cover)

Cushion pad going in to cover (pillow insert going in to cover)

Cushion pad in, needing zipped (pillow insert in needing zippered)

Cushion pad in, needing zipped (pillow insert in, needing zippered)

I received a releived and ernestly thankful reply to the photos which I suspect would have utterly insulted the intelligence of any upstanding Brit and I also received, thankfully, the address of a pillow insert supplier in Chelsea New York. Phew!!

but brace yourselves…after Mandy had enquired as to the ratio of feather to down I was wanting, sizes, quantity and would I like them silk covered (at this point I started to get nervous) she hit me with the price.

$92 for ONE 30cm x 60cm rectangular cushion pad! and I thought my covers were pricey.

Forget it…I’ve bought a set of six vacuum bags from ebay and I’m going to hoover every available molecule of air out of my pads until they resemble pitta bread and post them off with the covers. Job done!!

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