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Chocolate and Trade

What a week! Just back from Glasgow…or at least a few days back but only just beginning to feel normal again.

Tweedies on display at the Scottish International Trade Fair

Tweedies on display at the Scottish International Trade Fair

The first few days were relatively sane starting off with a super fast set up aided hugely by the quietly competent and extremely generous help of snapdragon Jane. I met two of  my sisters in the evening for dinner at the Glasgow Royal concert hall where Mairi was playing a gig. I thought it was just going to be Mairi and Dave but started to suspect this was an altogether more glamorous affair when I wandered back stage to be greeted by Phil Cunningham followed by John McCusker and then turned the corner into Mairi’s dressing room to see Eddi Reader, Karine Polwart and Karen Matheson. Ooooh…I thought, this isn’t quite the gig I expected, and it wasn’t. Turned out to be a celebration of Burns to kick off homecoming year and various artists sang  favourite musings of the randy bard and transported the audience in to sweet reverie in the process. Favourite I think was Eddi Reader’s rendition of Ay Fond Kiss (tears trickling down my cheeks) followed closely by Dougie McClean singing Ye Banks and Braes. You see, when I lived in London Dougie’s songs were my wee pieces of home. Played when I felt particularly sentimental for the heathery hills or gentle Scots. It was one of these peculiar moments in time when I watched the man who had invoked such emotion and longing in me with his music…on stage with my SISTER – weird!!

Stand no. J72 Mogwaii Design

Stand no. J72 Mogwaii Design

The trade fair went well. Really well! In fact I’m half wondering whether there will be many outlets about Scotland that don’t sell something or other of Mogwaii (OK…I’m exaggerating). However, orders were small on the whole but I’m pretty confident shops will re order so I’m not too concerned. More of a concern is how to make up around about 700 products in 6 weeks. Hmmm…here’s hoping my faithful Lucy is feeling the urge to sew. If you’re reading this Lucy…I love you and your sewing ability and don’t book yourself up because work is coming your way.

If anyone else out there (in the Scottish neck of woods)  fancies some piece work then send me a mail.

I  met a very lovely, approachable and down to earth agent. She sells the wares of makers on behalf of makers to various outlets across Scotland. I am very tempted to get in touch with her. Up until now I have been dissuaded by  agents as those I have encountered are all shiny brogues, suits and ties and unlikely to GET my product. However Jocelyn does and roaming around the country selling Mogwaii is something I know should be done but I have absolutely zero inclination and time.

Apart from selling, chatting and wandering  I also ate copious quantities of chocolate as my next door neighbour was ” The chocolate Library”.

Edible books

Edible books

This is Sandra’s wonderfully executed new enterprise which I can see could go  far. The graphics and text are well thought out and the chocolate…scrumptious!

OK, I’m going to go now. Soon I’ll write a post about the 2nd half of the week at Celtic connections…far less civilized.

xx Sarah

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