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And now… for something completely different!

I was having a conversation with a friend at our craft night/excuse for  a lot of red wine, chocolate and tongue wagging, about what sells on etsy. Ann and I  thought it had to be something useful: knitting bags, car rubbish bags, toy bags, (why bags I’m not so sure). But then I did a bit of research and look what I found!

Tea bag Tote

Tea bag Tote

Now how do you explain that?…or this

Apple Jacket

Apple Jacket

Quite ridiculous in terms of practical necessity, but somehow utterly gorgeous and “must havish” if only for the fact that they are so completely bonkers! Could you really convince yourself that you need a jacket for your tea bag? Do you know…I think I could and I think I’m doing it right now!

Jacqueline knits…I love your work!

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