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 This week the island mourns the death of our post lady, friend and familiar island face. Each one of us feel something of the impact that such a loss has on her children, siblings and mother who fortunately are nearby enough for round the clock community love and support. At times like these we recognise the importance and strength of community and the individuals that make them tick: some sit by in the family home to comfort and console, others make funeral arrangements, bake for the reception, step in to take over the work duties of the deceased and family, look after the children…

At times like these the tittle tattle of daily life carries on but is most definitely usurped in magnitude and importance by the call to support and be supported in this motley island family.

So the tittle tattle I have been working on in the milliseconds that kids holidays, family inundations and community allow are:

Sewing nest brooches

and making a series of nest sun chair covers for Mia

Sewing the nest stitching onto the bronze sun

Sun wheel on the blind

Stitched suns (hand dyed silk discs)

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