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Worked to distraction!

I did have my mind set on making and  posting off all etsy plus NOTHS  orders plus making a present for Lewis’s fourth birthday plus 27 cushions. Do you think I might have been a little over optimistic? Well, I did manage the first bit, and the second but fell far short of any cushion activity.

Colette, bless her soul, dutifully ironed seams and even cut two egg cosies and a hen while I made a truck bag for Lewis’s birthday. Lunch (her payment) fell far short of minimum wage with a couple of stale oat cakes, a paltry slice of mild cheddar and a smear of mayonnaise. Will she ever return I wonder?

The egg cosies and Dierdre the hen were whipped into shape in a pedal push and a needle jab and a Moss nest sewn and packaged in a whirlwind of motion.

Dierdre MacColl Caught with her legs in the air!

Dierdre MacColl Caught with her legs in the air!

Moss nest, ready to go

Moss nest, ready to go

And then I looked at my watch. Bum…3.30 and we were supposed to be at Lewis’s party half an hour ago.

Och well. I’ll just make the 27 cushions tomorrow… Yeh right!

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