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Sun Blind

This morning the weather was so scummy that I had to request a lift to the studio rather than face the  elements on my bike. This was tricky as I have a pride thing about cycling through hail, horizontal rain and gales. However, hurricane was a meteorological step too far. Yorick was with me when I entered the studio to find the front room door flat on the deck with the glass shattered. The rot in the wood must have finally succumbed to the wind and splat…down it went leaving a great windy hole in its wake and a lot of wet on my sewing table.  Fortunately the weather did not land on Mia’s blinds which were layed out on the cutting table. Yorick drove straight back home and reappeared half an hour later with chip board which was attached where there had once been a view. Not lovely…but dry.

So, after the drama had subsided I was able to approach the sun, web, nest blind (haven’t figured out a name yet).

Back of the sun blind with disc of organza bonded to the wool

 I’ve been fretting a bit about this blind. Main concern being that the many lines of stitching would play havoc with the tension and draw the fabric in to something like smocking. So I resolved to take it slow and snip the excess threads at regular intervals since they are the main tension culprit.

Nest stitching starting to take shape

The wonder of wool… a bit of heat and a touch of steam and it will flatten like bugs bunny under a bulldozer. I love it.

Light is getting low

I have now completed the nest and increased it in size however the light was so gloomy that a pic was impossible. I’ll take one tomorrow for you.

x Sarah

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