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Space to gaze, laze and maybe praise.

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

I bagsey here

I recently discovered that not everyone familiar with the English language is as familiar with the term “bagsey” (spelling could be way off).

It is one of these Scottish colloquialisms relating to coveting which we (my family) used daily to ensure that our seat, sweet, slice of cake was reserved solely for muggins, an example being “Bagsey ma seat” meaning don’t let anyone sit here while I’m gone. This particular spot demands a certain amount of elbow since it really is a stunner and left unclaimed could be wasted on a drum practice hut or teenage den. No, this spot needs to be bagseyd for an altogether higher purpose, a meditation hut.

I have spent the last few days building and rebuilding it in my mind in a range of shapes and materials. I’m thinking humble stone roundhouse with perhaps a dash of thatch and a lot more light  than a lowly Pictish dwelling usually affords.

I’m also intrigued  and drawn to the cord wood building approach and spend hours of evening drooling over images of Midge and Minty’s Colorado dream hut .

However, the likelihood is that my dream hut will look a little more like this:

for the short period prior to the wind blowing as Yorick is going to need some serious recovery time after having just about completed building THIS:

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