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Sloe motion

An abstract Sloe Berry

The soundtrack to today’s post shall be Salsa, since that has been the music in my head since Friday and Saturday saw Yorick, Tom and I shimmying down to the 2/4 beat at Salsa Lessons in Lismore Hall. Yiri Yiri Boom!  (go that link!)

Today’s commission proposal pack has been inspired, in part, by my favourite Pinnie/apron, designed and made by my friend Teresa Green. The prospective client needs a dash of Damson colour on her furnishings and given that she lives on an island riddled with sloe berries (a smaller, nippier cousin of the Damson), it seemed appropriate to incorporate them somehow.

My Gin smock by Teresa Green

I wear this pinnie at the most unlikely and sometimes inappropriate times…I have once slept in it.  When it is on, its mammoth pockets and wrap around style make it hard to break away from, like a motherly hug.

Anyhow, I have been having fun with sloe berry samples and once again find myself more tickled with the back of my embroidery than the front.

Sloe on Calico

Sloe design on spots

Sloe on rough linen

Aways the back...always LOVE the back with its knots and chaos and mess!

One of a few proposal sheets.

Here’s hoping I get to run with this one!

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