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Sloe Loving

Picking sloes

Picking sloes

We’ve just been picking enormous sloe berries on the croft. There’s a patch (a secret patch!) where the blackthorn thickets are covered. Come christmas we’ll be Sloe loving and befuddled in Gin. BRING IT ON!!Sloe Gin RecipePick your sloes from blackthorn hedges in October or November when they are most ripe – probably after the first frosts.Take a litre bottle of gin, and drink half a litreCut or prick the sloes and drop into the half-empty bottle so that they displace the remaining gin to near the top.Add one wine goblet of sugar (approx 150g).All you have to do now is turn or agitate the bottle daily for a week, then weekly for a month or two … by which time it will be ready to drink (but it is really best kept until the next winter).

Chack out these berries

Check out these berries

And back with a bag full

And back with a bag full

Yum, Yum, Yum

Does anyone know any other good sloe recipes?

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