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Grimy bath!

The only…I repeat ONLY problem with being as good as married to a builder is this! If they get in to the bath before you, the bath is not worth even contemplating for a second run. But I did and I did!! I was quite clean and now I sense a mucky,greasy film of grime all about my person…NOW I need a shower!

Today our house could have potentially burnt down if it hadn’t been for Ruben the super hero son. I’d asked him to keep the Rayburn going while I was at work and he dutifully filled it with coal. A couple of hours later the house was full of smoke and some clothes which had been left a top the beast to dry had begun to smoulder and burn. Fortunately Ruben caught and flung the charred remains out to the rain and no major damage was done, but my favourite pair of pants, a tea towel and two tops are barbecued to cinders.

So…I was really looking forward to the return to a guilt free work routine with Tom back at school and time to focus. Two hours in to labeling and packing an urgent order and I get a phone call from the school. ” Sorry to bother you Sarah but Tom has toothache, could you maybe come and get him”. Grooooan!! Poor soul, he had to wait a couple of hours before I turned up clasping a pack of nurofen and he returned with me to the workshop. Tomorrow orders are put on standby. The dentist beckons!

I have a picture here of Rosy Macpherson the highland hare…coming your way Natalie!

Just about to set off on a journey to France. Don't they eat hares there? Ssshhh!

Just about to skip off to France. Don't they eat hares there? Shhhh!

And here’s the threads for your love heart brooch Jude.

Made,packed and sent today!

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