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Face off!

Prudence and Aggi trial hen house refurbishments.

Who would have thought hens could be so entertaining.

Ours jostle loudly for first peck of the back door titbits, they inspect hen house refurbishments inquisitively and critically, they intimidate our dog mercilessly over water rations, food…anything really.


Our dog, Buzz, feels that he ought really to have the upper hand but recognizes that he doesn’t. He attempts to stand guard at the back door, believing it his duty to prevent avian intruders. However his shaking increases from a mild tremor to something closer to convulsions as he tries to contain his fear and keep the hens at bay. The eye balling works both ways but  the hens have beaks and mean squawks and Buzz eventually gives in.

First thing in the morning I am greated with an insistent drilling on the kitchen window as Stacey and Pru remind me of the pecking order when it comes to mealtimes. LADIES FIRST!

The Ladies!

and they squawk their little heads off after laying . I just wish they would sit on them or  stand proudly next to them while they squawked so that we could locate the eggs, wouldn’t make much sense in mongoose land though. I get that.

It's my bowl!

Deardre and Samantha inspecting the paint work.

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