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Dream time

Zen Living

Every morning I have been running,for a short while, then walking, then meditating (although yesterday I googled ‘What is the difference between meditation and sleeping sitting up?’) and then, yes and then… active visualisation.

I am doing all of this because it dawned on me that I need to become one of those ‘Highly effective people’ to accomplish all that I dream of on the croft and HEPs seem to know where they are going and are fit enough to get there, (or so I like to believe).

So – in my active visualisation sessions I see the croft as I want it to be: the pond, the abundant vegetable garden; mammoth pumpkins and scarlet runner been tepees laden with blossom. Bee hives and wild flower meadows with a small dairy cow grazing contentedly.

However, of late, my visualisation focus more intently on a bus.

Ours is slightly more toned down than this one!

You see we are about to move into one and that means a mammoth, no Goliath change in lifestyle. Not least because Yorick and I are not the tidiest people on the planet. I have a tendency to hoard fabric and Yorick’s want is to hoard just about anything that could be labelled ‘lost cause’.

We do now have a large barn within which we can store some of our stuff but I am determined that it is not going to become a chaos barn and will be kept in some civilized order, after all, there needs to be some space set aside for clipping sheep and milking cows.

So, a zen mentality is emerging and I’m loving the concept. The simple life, pared down to the bare essentials…felt slippers, a rough linen tea towel, a ‘Selvedge’ magazine strewn carelessly upon ruffled vintage bedding, and of course a few sprigs of wild flower in a clean, sparkling jam jar. BRING IT ON.

Here's the path to "bus nirvana".

Here are the essential items.

Here are the slippers

Here's the guest accommodation.

and here's the barn storage.

Get the picture?

Here’s one that I just couldn’t leave out.

Could be handy (for those that know the score).

and doubting Peters would say. Here’s the likely reality:

Oh ye of little faith.

Just watch me become an advert for ‘Toast’ Home.

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