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Colour and Choir

Updated: Oct 12, 2022


Today I was sewing small fragments of coloured felts together to make the central panel in a strip blind. It has been some time since I’ve made one and the combining of many colours to create impact and vitality was a refreshing diversion from birds and linen.


Then evening and the meet of Lismore Choir and I muse on my return as I stride through mud and moonlight of the parallels. The choir, a combination of voices and personalities, each with a distinctive colour or tone which we combine in a special way to  to create impact and hopefully beauty, or at least that’s the aspiration.


Eclectic is an understatement for our group of songsters and the music we absorb ourselves in. Tonight we discovered that A long time Traveller by the Wailin’ Jenny’s is so much more tender and potent if sung like a mother to a tiny child. Our sea shanty’s  led by Arthur need oomph, energy and possibly a good shot of whisky and O magnum Mysterium…well that just needs a lot of time, attention and love but Oh boy, it is SO so beautiful!.

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