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Celebrities and their Curtains

Curtains for ....

It’s a strange thing… celebrity. I’ve just completed curtains for one so should I be hiking up the highest hill to proclaim it to the world? Should I panic phone the press to impress this nugget of status upon them?  Should I let ” the name” casually trip from my tongue during conversations? 

Do you know…I really feel no inclination to do any of these things and yet I am aware that in this loopy era of marketing marathons, self promotion and celebrity associated sales I ought really to play along. I think the resistance is the Scot in me. I am one of a long, hessian clothed line of  doomsters dating back to Calvin and beyond. The salted porridge  Luddite within me smarts at the very hint of a name drop.

So I’ll just show you the curtains…

Leaves appliqueed on to the leading edge

Leaves at the base

Leaves at the base

Sycamore and Rowan

 No…I’m not telling!

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