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Cabbages and tea

Cabbages and Tea

Cabbages and Tea

Once again the day came around when Lismore residents have the opportunity to off load surplus courgettes, carrots, cabbages and many more veggies on those members of the community with a notion to buy. All proceeds go to the hall committee, of which I am a member.

I was late, very late.  I had misread the price for tea and sandwiches as the time the sale started and arrived AN HOUR after the start. This is becoming a very embarrassing habit and I am trying to visualise, in the hope of actualising timeliness. I fear I am getting a reputation.

However, everyone was quite forgiving and I spent the next hour ardently washing tea cups and clearing tables in the hope of absolving some of my tardy sins. I also ate far too much cake.

Looks great, but what to do with it?

Looks great, but what to do with it?

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