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This cushion offers you the opportunity to congratulate Mum, Dad, Granny, Grandpa... and celebrate a new baby in a totally unique way.

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Baby Cushion

  • The cream cushion pictured shows a very proud and clucky Mum and Dad revelling in their gorgeous new chick. Little chicken's name and birth date hover over the nest and Dad has a fern in his beak because this one is from New Zealand and loves the "All Blacks". The purple cushion shows little Meielle with Mum on one side and Grandma and Grandpa on the other. There is a French connection so Grandpa holds a sprig of Lavender in his beak. The cushion is appliquéd and embroidered using soft, lambswool tweed and the poultry have shell button eyes. Each cushion is individually hand crafted and designed by Sarah Campbell in her studio on the Isle of Lismore The cushion measures approximately 30cm x 50cm and is shipped with a feather insert to customers within the UK. Those out with the UK will receive the cover only but postage is free. To personalise the cushion to suit your recipient I need the following information: Name and Birth date of the new baby. Who is with baby? - Mum, Mum and Dad, Mum and Dad on one side and Granny and Grandpa on the other? It's your call! Colours: Are there any special colours you would like included: brights? pastels? neutral with orange accents? (these are just examples to get you thinking). Special extra touch: Is there some national flower or fern for Dad's beak? i.e.. Canadian - Maple leaf; Scottish - Thistle; Irish - Clover. (This is optional)
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