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Twiddle dee dee

Uh Oh…I had a hunch that a studio in the home might be somewhat less productive than away. It has been so long since I’ve had one that amnesia set in and I forgot about the endless distractions such as clothes that need to be put away, floors to hoover, cat litter to empty and hydrangeas to trim…(OK, that one is unlikely to happen but it has pressed on my conscience for a couple of years).

Leggy Chaffinch patch

I even spent this whole afternoon embroidering patches for a  quilt which is NOT WORK – it’s a GIFT! What was I thinking.

Robin Patch

Right, something must be done to improve this dire apathy. First, I must purchase running shoes and dig out  Lycra. I plan a route that avoids cow shit, too many gates and mud… not possible, so I will learn to love the cow shit, mud and gates and  eventually I will leap over them with the bounce, vitality and grace of a young gazelle.

Smaill, fat bird. A tit I think

I run early, shower, do housey stuff for a short while and then focus rigorously on work for the rest of the day.

The strange thing is, I’ve actually been feeling more balanced and contented doing less than I ever did doing more. Perhaps I just have to accept more diddling, more going with the flow, more chillin’ and even less money?

The winter commute

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