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Updated: Oct 12, 2022


Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad you do, but I can’t help musing as I sew the fourth “clucky egg cosy” of the morning that these who spend well earned, precious finances on tweed fancies to keep eggs warm must be bonkers! I mean Yorick (my other half), was up well into the night watching environmental documentaries about the poisoning of  waterways and devious, self interested politicians and then I spend my morning making egg warmer’s with squiffy eyes and tartan wattles. Perhaps that’s the point, right now there’s so much gloom and doom hovering that the appeal of something silly that makes us laugh can’t be underestimated. OK, I’ve convinced myself…how noble of me to make such tittle tattle. By the way I need a number of small, nimble fingered children to sew them as they’re so damn fiddly, leaky bus accommodation, plenty of gruel and Shetland sheep for company.

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