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tick tock tick tock tick tock!

Big rush to get at least one of each ordered item to H. Dawson for their photo shoot. This meant working late Friday and back in to the studio today for what I thought would be a couple of hours, but before I knew it 7 pm had been and gone and I was still at it!

Cushions made and ready to pack

Cushions made and ready to pack

Because… my pal Colette came with me to paint while I sewed. Colette and I used to share a studio in Oxenfoord castle before I moved here. Memories of bra critiques, dancing to Dolly Parton, fending off the caretaker and scoffing almond slice on the step. Now she wants to move here and has been invited on a date to the cattle market with the local farmer…no, I mean the real cattle market! How can a good girl resist.

Collette in creative bliss

Colette in creative bliss

Back home on a bike with only one gear!

Back home on a bike with only one gear and one pedal!

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