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The thing with blinds …

Is that they are a bummer to photograph.

Roller blind for Alison Kerr - "Dog wood"

You either need a spare bright and empty house with a stylist and photographer in the wings  or you bribe every client to photograph theirs once installed (with no guarantee of quality!).

Today I pursued a third option in which there may be some mileage. Big white wall, install blind upon it and click.

and again.

However it is hardly the context shot that potential clients crave and could be improved so by the addition of a vase of flowers a bedside table and a WINDOW for gods sake – but I just couldn’t be bothered lugging accessories up to the newly built barn.  Also, Yorick is overworked and exhausted enough with basic barn building, I don’t imagine he would relish being asked to install a window for the sole purpose of photographing a blind. Perhaps I need to explore Photoshop potential. Can I cut and paste windows, chairs, divans? Can I style from the comfort of my office? Oooh I’m getting excited now, perhaps I could apply a slice of  Buckingham palace gardens to the window under a half cocked Mogwaii blind. Now there’s a thought.

Full length "Dog Wood"

What a giggle I had today when I received an email asking whether I would like to be featured in Cross stitcher magazine. Of course I said yes and have questions to answer as a result but the irony is I have never cross stitched in my life! I have just been approached to incorporate cross stitch in a commission and had to pass it on to my friend Tina.

I did come clean of course but they don’t seem to mind. Oh well…look out for a fresh approach to cross stitch (ie straight stitch) in their up and coming magazine:

Cross stitch offer.

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