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SUN – yum!

Soleil by Labokoff

I need vitamin D. I know this because I want to eat this picture, nay,I want to fall into it, clamber inside like a child into Narnia (in summertime!) I’m TIRED of grey.

Us Leasachs have now endured way beyond a fair quota of grey. All the farmers need to collect their silage is three dry days, THREE DRY DAYS! The silage fields lie dull and damp, the grass once fine and tall has slumped with exhaustion after straining too hard for the rarest glimpse of sun. Three dry days, that’s all we ask.

Yellow is like a drug to me right now. Do you think I need one of these sunlight lamps?

This is what I’m going to do. I’m going to get my fix of yellow by sneaking little linden green leaves and acid yellow sparkle into my commissions. Yes I am! Naughty, but oh so nice.

Samples for the next commission with a few sneaky yellow bits courtesy of photoshop.

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