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Sprains and strains

A Lismore panorama in the morning sun

Despite the glorious drug that is winter sun, these last two days have proved a bit of a strain or should I say sprain. Young Tom flipped dramatically in his skates at school and has consequently sprained, fractured or possibly broken his ankle. Unfortunately he was not able to keep the leg still long enough to award a good x-ray image so we are having to speculate on the internal damage based on swelling and pain level. Swelling has reduced and the pain is definitely subsiding so we are keeping our fingers crossed for sprain only, resulting in the possibility of a christmas session on the ski slopes. This whole scenario has been a vivid lesson in the law of attraction since only two weeks ago Tom was gleefully leaping about on a set of crutches in the community hall saying how he would quite like to have to use crutches for a while. I did, at the time, remind him that he should be careful what he wishes for and couldn’t resist a smug “what did I tell you?”. Now Tom is a bit spooked.

So, as you may have guessed, work schedule has been mildly interrupted. However, I did manage to complete the faces of the twig and strip roman blinds.

Sewing the occasional berry on to the bay window twig blinds

Fine felt strips sewn up but not yet sewn into the charcoal strip blinds

Tomorrow I press on with the lining and mechanism and in the evening pick up Jenny the sheepdog whom we are adopting for a month while her mum and dad globe trot to New Zealand. I’m hoping she will be prepared to either run alongside my bike or sit in the tag along during my commute so that she can keep me company at work. Do you think the occasional dog hair and paw prints might add an extra “Je ne sais quoa” to my work? Hmmm

Pretty misty this morning

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