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Sensible Otter

Staring out at the wet

Today was too wet and windy even for our otter. We call it our otter because he trots daily across the studio deck, going about his daily chores. As yet we haven’t given him a name but I think Dudley or maybe Boris would be fitting. He passes from left to right deck wet and then back again an hour or so later dry. But today I suspect he decided the stream would prove a drier option. This was unfortunate since Tina’s husband, Allan, an ardent nature enthusiast is becoming increasingly impatient with our endless sightings without having seen even a sniff of an ottery snout. So today he decided to sit and watch the deck while we sewed. No joy. I suspect tomorrow Dudley will resume his  daily chores but probably not in front of Allan.

x Sarah

PS: This isn’t actually Dudley but he’s remarkably similar, maybe a little slimmer.

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