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Remember me?

How long has it been? A week, two maybe? How that happens I have no idea but life took over and swamped my every waking moment with other things. Blog was left unattended.

However, it’s not as though I’ve been loafing aimlessly about the sofa, ohhhh no no: Christmas fever is gradually intensifying on the island…hall decorations, mulled wine get togethers, festive discos and for some reason drop ins and hang outs happen far more frequently when the nights are long.

But aaah…the short days are sweet perfection with frosted greens and sherbet skies.


Kilcheran loch from Baligrundle hill. My studio lies in the trees behind the loch.


In the sileage field the grey lag geese gossip endlessly.

The heron takes to the air with

and the heron takes to the air with a great heave of it's vast wings. I apologise for prompting such effort.

In the studio a seemingly endless queue of Christmas orders are sewn up and posted out to a sound scape of John Martyn, Bebel Gilberto and most importantly Wayne Dyer interpreting the Tao te Ching.

Here’s some of the work they encouraged today:


Dierdre and Hamish egg cosies. Featured in NOTHS prompting a flurry of Christmas orders.


Various pin cushions from my own web shop

and a chocolate butterfly scarf.

and a chocolate butterfly scarf.

Now with all that frost and and winter chill ( encountered big time during our fencing slog on Sunday) I have succumbed to a very blocked nose and aching sinuses so I had better shoo it away with some shut eye.

Night night…nice to be back!

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