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Red wine and Red words.

I’m just back from a gathering. A gathering of friends on the very loose suggestion that we make stuff which we otherwise won’t get round to doing. But really…it’s just good to get together, drink wine, share stories and this time, listen to Pauline’s poetry (amongst other things).

It is very powerful poetry which moved me and normaly music is the only art that can really do that. Pauline’s poetry is direct and unpretentious and I really like it. I don’t want to say more than that.

Maybe, Pauline I could put one of your poems on this blog?


The pink ones are the rebels!

Today, butterflies and moths were being sewn in to line in my studio.

Oh yes…also, Mary’s hen cushion just appeared on the front page of etsy and I’ve been asked to submit Deidre Hen to appear in a US magazine AND write up a pattern for a UK sewing magazine. I’ve never written a pattern for anyone other than myself, I quite like the idea though.If I were to do it, what Mogwaii design should I make a pattern for?

Suggestions please.

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