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Origin Fever

Well folks, right now it is 10.17 pm and I’m still in the studio preparing work for “Origin”. This is great show, there are so many fantastic makers exhibiting and it’s so good to get the opportunity to speak to and share news and views with them all. We’re such solitary workers, spending hours and hours in our studio with only the radio for company and our own creative meanderings…it’s good to make contact with the big crafty world out there sometimes. Saying that, I’m not particularly looking forward to the trip down to London; stock and display into van, drive to ferry, stock out of van, carry down slippery jetty, stock passed onto ferry via window (our normal boat is away for yearly checkup), stock off ferry and on to mainland (hopefully our lovely ferrymen will provide assistance) and then in to car on the other side and then all I have to do is drive for 10 hours down to London. Can’t wait to see Margo Selby, she’ll be exhibiting too and has kindly offered to put me up for the week (mental note…no all night karaoke!). Check out Margo’s fabulous products on .

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