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One Eco Home

Recently I have been designing for a fabulous team of interior designers in London called One Eco Home. Their business is not only immensely creative but also ethical. I’ve been impressed and at times weary with their rigorous checks to make sure that all materials used in any design meet their high environmental standards. This has lead me to investigate the carbon footprint and chemical make up of all fabrics that I use and some more that I don’t but plan to in the future. Fortunately felt and pure wool melton has the ethical upper hand anyway in that it meets fire retardant standards without the use of any additional chemicals, also, it turns out that the dyes used are low in toxicity. Wey hey!

One Eco Home used two butterfly strip cushions in their latest show home interior. Here you can see them in context.

Our next project together will be for a show home in Cornwall, part of a new Green development.

Very exiting and I’ll keep you posted

Best wishes


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