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OK,so I didn’t get it ALL done!

and here’s why: This morning began with the awful realisation that I had sent a lamp to the wrong client. I had to grovel profusely on the phone and beg for forgiveness as well as postal redirection. Plus, I spent the next four hours trying to prime a pump and hoover water out of an air blocked tap.

At 12.30 water was running (pathetically) out of all taps and I was set to continue my journey to freedom/studio, when Kirsty (the 13 year old daughter of the water starved family) quietly asked if she could come too! I have to admit, my immediate but hopefully disguised thought was ” Bum bum bum…please not today, not today…I have so much to dooooo! ” but then I said “OK, come on then.” And do you know,I’m glad I did!

Krsty was delightful, ABLE and very, very useful

I did offer her a chair, honest!

I did offer her a chair, honest!

She cut Lavender love heart strings, collected pebbles from the beach, bound  the pebbles with waxed linen and sewed each one carefuly on to the felt hearts. She filled the hearts with lavender, strung buttons on to the boxes and packed and labeled the sachets.

Go girl!

Go girl! Oh jeezo,my studio really needs a tidy.

And by the end of it all she still said she wanted to work in a studio when she grows up! Mine please.

So actually, all this help meant I acheived a bit more than expected. OK, so the hares, hens and pin cushions must wait until Sunday…but there’s a flock of sheep on my ironing board and a stack of lavender love on my cutting table. I’m happy.

Clarris Monroes' at the limp stage.

Clarris Monroes looking a little limp.

Button nest brooch in a button box.

Button nest brooch in its box. Etsy order for vivian.

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