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Network Apathy

Selvedge magazine are having a party to celebrate five years in existence. Five years of delightful, distinctive and even informative copy. A magazine with whom I have advertised since it’s very first issue without a single regret and plenty of results. And yet…can I be bothered to travel 1000 miles to sip champagne on a Hampstead lawn, nibble canapes and network with textile royalty? No, is the honest answer. I really would rather fulfill my community duties and decorate Lismore hall with holly and synthetic sparkles and wallow in the muddy mire that is Lismore in December. Am I missing a potentially mind blowing network opportunity? Probably, possibly…definitely! Oooops. (she says with very little concern)

I have however, sent them 10 birdy brooches for their goody bags and a caffetiere wrap to raffle with labels and all relevant contact details firmly attached.

Birdy brooch heading to Hampstead.

Birdy brooch heading to Hampstead.

I stopped at the shop/post office to send parcels on the way back home and discussed this with David my mild mannered shop keeper (who told Freda not to buy his tomatoes because they didn’t taste of anything )and Freda who sells her cakes at a farmer’s market once a month. “It’s about work/life balance” we concluded. Why scout for more work when you’re already busy enough with life in general? “Yes! Absolutely” and yet a little voice deep within is saying “and what about making a living?”….Shooosht!

I think I need a bossy boss!

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