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Loopy Leasachs

Dierdre Mackenzie...curious as ever!

Dierdre Mackenzie having a look in!

There’s something about living here on the island with it’s busy wildlife, abundant flora and intense air of peace and beauty that has compelled me to divert (for a while) from cushions to curious animal things!

I’d been feeling the urge to introduce silliness in to my work and inspired by some scrummy tweeds and tartans which I came across at an interiors show recently. After a few days of experiments and quite a lot of duds…some strange beings started to emerge!

Hamish Macpherson

Hamish Macpherson

Welcome to the Loopy Leasachs (Leasach being a person from Lismore)

So far there are Hebridean hares, hens and sheep and all with there own names, characters and compromised IQs. They are not as yet featured on but you can see and buy in my etsy shop here are a few for you to have a look at:

Hyacinth MacKenzie

Clarris and Morag MacLeod

Hamish MacPherson

Be sure and visit my etsy shop for a good browse or send me some comments.

Best wishes


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