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Little birdeeee!

This title will fly far above the heads of most of you, but for ANYONE who lives on the Isle of Lismore, it will be recognised that I am hinting at a song. A song which Yorick and I inevitably duet badly somewhere nearing the end of most parties. It is a kind of Cajun calamity which is probably so popular because everyone gets to sing the chorus ” How do I know” again and again and again. WE LOVE IT!

However, the reason I use it in the title of this post is because I have been using “Little birdees” to make thank you cards today and here are some pictures of them.

Little brown close up

Orange one

Little green thing

Four cards

Wierd orange thing

These birds were originally conceived and used to decorate twigs at the wedding do. Instead of the word Thank You they carried “LOVE” .  However, in the sprit of re use and recycle they are being put to good use by a conscientious crafter for Thank you(s)  now.

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