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Laos silk and tweed

Silk throw detail

Silk throw detail

Strange combination I know…but it works. I’ve been given some more of the beautiful silk panels to work with by one eco home with a view to more cushions and throws. Some are peachy/grey combinations and the others are greens and greys. The peach work well with a mocha/charcoal tweed and a sea green tweed arrived today to back the others. I love the diversion from wools to silks. The fabric responds in such a different way to sewing, ironing…

Pleats on a silk cushion

Pleats for a silk cushion

Two throws and 6 cushions down, and more to emerge. They’ll be gracing the shelves of a shop in the Kings Road, London. I don’t know the name yet but for those of you just itching to buy I’m sure one eco home can give you all the details. Click on the pics for links.

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