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Just words

Darn!! I left my camera in the studio and it had some good pics in it which you were going to see tonight.

Sorry, you’re just going to have to content yourselves with my unillustrated verbal rambling. Thank you everyone for leaving such lovely comments about the H. Dawson work. It really warms my cockles to have such positive feedback. Sometimes it can be very hard to gauge the effectiveness of a design. I am so isolated in my little making world that it can be hard to glean perspective.

Do you know what I did today? Wait for it…I TIDIED MY STUDIO! Shock, horror, surely not! No, I did.

It’s been a long time, a long time of tripping over cardboard fabric tubes, arriving home with shoe soles matted with congealed thread, bruised thighs from bumping in to the corner of my cutting table whilst trying to sidle past stacks of shabby boxes and bags of cloth and now AAAAhhh I can breath. I feel ever so light and airy and civilized in my organized space. “Come in, come in” I can now confidently say to the next visitor with out having to quickly add…”don’t mind the mess!” but I do mind the mess, it gets in the way of my body and mind. So why does it keep happening? I suppose I just get obsessed with finishing tasks and the tidying as you go thing is abandoned. Anyhow. Tomorrow I will show you photos of threads ordered by colour and neatly stacked sample books. Love it!!

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