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It’s been so long!

Apologies folks. I’ve been slacking seriously on the post writing front but not for lack of activity. The last few weeks have been busy…ooh so busy! We moved, yet again, to a farm house close to the croft which we have now, officially taken on. Yorick, myself and the boys have been spending the last few evenings walking and dreaming and enjoying the beautiful panorama from the high spots. The weather has been glorious and finally the ground has dried so no more welly boots stuck in the mud…for the time being.

I have yet to take photos but as soon as I do I’ll show you all.

A couple of weeks ago we went with my nephews and Lois to a traditional ploughing event in Connel. It was taking place on a field from which you could see across the loch to the farmhouse where my grandfather was born and the church where he and my granny were buried. Most of the farmer’s from Lismore were there as well as, it turned out, a whole batch of second, third cousins and nephews, some of whom I had never met and others I had and relished hearing stories and rekindling connections.

Tom, Ruben, James and Archie

It weas funny to recognise features and the twinkle in the eye of my father and his family. And yes, the wayward, fuzzy hair…that too.

The kids were bored after a while but Tom, loving all things farming was enthralled for the longest by the old Massey Ferguson’s and heavy footed horses.

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